Eat Your Words

I’ve seen my fair share of fast food advertising, both in my personal life and in my ad agency life. I have a sick fascination with it.

When I was at one agency, I sat next to the team who worked on the McDonald’s account. One girl had a Big Mac mouse pad. And every time I walked by her desk, I looked at it and wanted one! (A Big Mac, not a mouse pad.) That delicious slurry of thousand island dressing, uniform-shaped pickles, shredded lettuce and un-biodegradable bread.

But really, it’s amazing the amount of time and effort goes into making this garbage food look delicious and appealing. You know that somewhere, some poor soul is spending their entire life focused on perfecting the colour of a pickle or a lump of “special sauce”.  The fast food companies know what sells. They set the trap through their advertising and the masses come running… or rolling on their Scamps.

But what happens when you take a different approach to advertising fast food? When you branch off from the tried and tested methods?

You get these Burger King ads from Interone GmbH, Munich, Germany. I thought twice about posting these today. That’s when I knew that I should. In one respect, these are great ads. The creative is lovely. But will it move the product? My guess is no. When I look at these, I see the art and not the sell.


Thanks to my pal Joe who sent me this ad from the New York Times online. Click on the publication name to see the full article.:


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