Right In The Bread Basket

Hello. My name is Jenn and I am a carboholic. (Hi Jenn!)

I love my carbs. Pasta. Bread. Cakes. Cookies. Sadly, after a lengthy period of overindulging on the carbs, my tummy now looks like a loaf of bread. Namely an artisan sourdough.

So this is day nine of my low carb diet. I cut out breads, pastas and rice. I upped my vegetable, dairy and lean meat intake. It’s really interesting, because I realized that I was relying on prepackaged foods instead of actually cooking for myself. That’s why I ate so many carbs. It was far easier to throw  some Mr. Noodles in a pot than to have to go out to the grocery store, pick up some vegetables, wash them, prep them, cook them and find an accompanying dish to serve with them.

Convenience foods are sneaky! They are usually chock full of sugars and fats. Even when you think you might be eating healthy, reading the ingredient list and nutritional values will most times shock you. Especially the low or no fat foods. They replace the fat with sugar… which just turns into fat anyway!

Now I’m not going to go all Susan Powter on you guys, but I just wanted to share what was going on in my life. Now let’s watch a commercial:


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