Right In The Bag

Grocery shopping can be stressful. Especially at the Super Store. (Our friends in the East refer to it as No Frills.)

What irks me the most is when I do a big shop, pull up to the check-out, unload my cart, and the clerks says; “How many bags do you need?” Normally I would like to reply; “None, thank you. I’ve brought my own.” But most of the time, I forget to bring my reusable bags. And when that happens, I usually reply, “I don’t know. I don’t bag groceries for a living and I’m not psychic.”  After about a minute of awkward silence where the clerk and I stare at each other, I blurt out a guesstimate, which is wrong 90% of the time.

While I walk out to my car, hoping the over-stuffed bags won’t bust apart, I realize this is all penance for forgetting the reusable bags. And I now think twice before hitting the grocery store if I don’t have them. Nowadays you get shamed at some stores! Especially around Yaletown and in West Van. But I understand why. Which brings me to the point of this post. A short documentary about the “Majestic Plastic Bag”.


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