Getting Older Can Be Obscene

I will be celebrating the day of my birth this Saturday. And all I want is to be surrounded by great friends, great food and great drinks. And my birthday wish? Age well. That’s what I’ll be thinking about while I blow out the candles on my cake.

Speaking of aging well, I have to share some shocking ads that I came across the other day. These show-stoppers were created by Draft FCB, France for Ripolin paint. They are most certainly attention-grabbing, but beyond that, they are an example of the different levels of acceptable advertising across the world. At least one of these ads would evoke some strongly worded letters from my fellow Canadians. But me personally, I really like the concept.

Hopefully you weren’t eating breakfast while reading this post. But if you were, I apologize.

Now here’s another take on the exact same concept: paint that ages well. But this one was done by Rethink, Vancouver. A safer approach than its French equivalent, this ad requires a little more engagement from the viewer.


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