Hey Zues!

My parents took me on a great holiday down to Mexico. My dad wanted to get me a little memento, so I chose what looked like a well-made rosary. It was gorgeous and I could barely wait for my father to finish haggling with the Mexican lady to get it around my neck.

Flash forward a year and I am out with my friends at Celebrities night club. I guess that rosary wasn’t so well-made after all. It turns Jesus came loose and made a break for it somewhere on the dance floor of Celebs. Well-played, irony. I contemplated picking up the phone that Saturday afternoon, but realized that I might not be taken seriously when I call up and tell whoever answers that I lost Jesus on the dance floor last night. I probably wasn’t the first.

My mother says Jesus is everywhere, but let’s take a look at a few places that we can find Him in advertising:

This ad is for PONY shoes and their relaunch in 2004. It was created by a team out of San Fran and was specifically for their “street wear” line. The idea was to spark a conversation about a black Jesus.

These ads are part of a series for a hair salon. There is also a version with the Virgin Mary sporting a sassy pink pixie cut. The ad tagline; “May Your Will Be Done”. People are walking into the hair salon asking for the Jesus cut or the Mary cut. I’m sure this ruffled a few feathers.

I think this one is just ridiculous.

One of my all time favorite – for a number of reasons – the 2007 Folsom Fair poster. A big, hedonistic party in San Fransisco. Re-enacting the last supper.

An amazing photographer friend of mine, Fred Fraser, and his number one stylist Liz Dungate put the wheels in motion for our very own remake of the last supper. Eight hours and plenty of false eyelashes later, we got not only a great video, but also a great shot. Here’s a link to Fred’s blog and the video. Watch to the end of the video for the shot.

The behind the scenes video: http://bit.ly/arUhfY


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