A Day With My Parental Units!

Hey team. I’m taking the afternoon off. It was daddy’s birthday last week and he had to work. So today, we are going shopping, hitting The Keg (his fave) for dinner then catching a play. We’re going to Nevermore, the Edgar Allan Poe play. I have no idea if my parents will like it or not. All I know is that I am going to pick up a pair of ear plugs and some Advil for my mother before we go as a preemptive strike. (She once left a move five minutes in because it was too loud and went to go sit in the car. My dad stayed in the theatre and watched the remaining hour-long film.)

Tomorrow will be a treat for me as it is my interview and orientation with Future Works – the extension of Family Services for job placement. I am sure it will be an experience and a half. And trust me, you will hear all about it.

There were no really interesting job posts today. Nothing post-worthy except this junior position; http://ow.ly/10EGu Hopefully there are more-  and better posts tomorrow, and if there is, I will share them.

One thing to leave you with today is an interesting and alternative resume design that I came across in my Twitter feed. I really like it, but it IS a little confusing when trying to decipher the work history. What do you think?

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One response to “A Day With My Parental Units!

  1. Bhu

    interesting approach to the resume – only thing is, if it’s confusing, imagine what his work is like?

    then again, it looks fancy, and looks are what matters 😉

    Maybe i’ll add a chart that has ROI on my salary?

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