While I Don’t Know Craig Personally, I Saw This Job Post On His List…

That line still cracks me up. I found it at www.NotHired.com. They post the best of the worst when it comes to resumes, applications and job postings. Many – if not all – are found on Craigslist.

Craigslist is good for a lot of things. There is the “FREE” section where people give away their semi-used items at no charge, the “RANTS” section where angry Vancouverites and share their innermost thoughts with anonymity and job postings, which believe it or not, is filled with some really good content. But like anything on Craigslist, one should always keep an eye out for a few red flags.

Personally, I would never apply to a position if the company name is not listed in the posting. It just seems underhanded on the part of the hiring company. There are certain places that I would rather not work at, so just save us both some time and tell us who you are. (It also helps avoid those awkward situations whe

It COULD Happen

re you apply to the company that you already work for – and they didn’t know that you were leaving.)

Also – and this one is especially for my designer pals – watch out for hourly wage. I noticed some posts that were looking for a graphic designer slash receptionist – someone to do absolutely, from making coffee to designing and launching websites – for $12.00 an hour. Wahh wahh.

Then of course there are the postings which ask you for more personal information than is normally required for a job application. Never give out your social insurance number, credit information or anything like that. But you guys know that already.

The search function within Craigslist is actually quite helpful. If you click on “JOBS”, and not the individual categories, you can then search by a specific term to help you quickly find the positions that interest you. For example, I did a search for “advertising agency” and “tourism”. Use the quotation marks to make sure the search find only those terms.

Craigslist, like many other sites, can connect you to some great jobs. Maybe even your future career. But like everything else, you need to approach with a little caution.


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