Maybe You Want These?

There’s nothing better than hunkering down for some serious web surfing after two large coffees and a cappuccino. I really need to start drinking decaf. My poor hands won’t stop shaking and I have the attention span of a fruit fly right now.

That being said, I did some shopping around for Friday’s job postings. And here’s what I am not interested in personally, but thought you might be! (Gotta look out for number one, you know?)

Do you like to bend yourself into all sorts of uncomfortable positions and wear elastic waistbands? Well Lululemon is hiring a Production Manager. Make sure you have a strong interest in chi and yoga and all that jazz. They ask you your philosophy when you apply:

This job was posted 29 days ago, so I’m not sure if it’s still open or not, but Aritzia is also looking for a Production Manager.

And now for something special, my old pals at Rocky Mountaineer Vacations are hiring a Manager of Communications for a mat leave. These guys were my clients for about two years and they are fantastic.

Back in the days of RMV, my coworkers were doing work with Credit Union Central. And guess what! They are hiring right now too – for a Product Marketing Manager. It looks like a very interesting role.

If you don’t currently have a Twitter account, I highly recommend you get one. Not only is it a great way to stay connected to what’s going on in the industry, but it’s also a great place to keep track of current job openings. That way you can start doing your own research and stop relying on me. (I kid, I kid.)

Anyhow, I follow @JobVancouver and they had a couple of interesting postings. One for a Graphic Designer and an Account Executive for a freight forwarding service

There are a lot of companies that post their jobs directly to Twitter and totally bypass the now traditional avenues of Monster or Workopolis. If you want to work for somewhere specific, get your Twitter account up and running and make sure you follow the companies that you want to work for.

That’s all the time I’m spending on this today. I need to go eat something to absorb this caffeine – either that or run the seawall. But there is a good chance I would get blown into the sea today. It’s a tad blustery.

Stay classy, Vancouver.

Fanning the flames of a great weekend!


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