Now Turning to the Internet for Motivational Inspiration

I don’t know why it is, but I’ve never been one to fall asleep instantaneously. I envy people who can sleep anywhere and at the drop of a hat. Last night was I up until about four o’clock, thinking of the most ridiculous things, like how I should be drinking more water and if I could possibly get a quantity discount on resoling six pairs of my shoes.

But this entry isn’t about my sleep problems. It’s about the factors involved in staying motivated whilst in job-search mode. And one of those key factors is your sleep pattern. I have to admit, over the past month, I’ve stopped using an alarm clock. Mostly I was waking up at seven or eight, but in the past week, it’s been getting later and later. So last night / this morning as I was trying to force myself to sleep, I started wondering what other things come into play for continued motivation for the temporarily unwaged.

I put on my slippers and hit the net to get some answers. I found some very similar lists across the internet. Here, below in bold, are some of the gems (and my thoughts) from my research:

  1. Set An Alarm Clock & Keep On A Schedule. Think of finding a job to be your current job. Get up at the same time every day… or at least try.
  2. Take A Walk Each Morning. HA! Maybe after a pot of coffee, shower, make-up, hair and finding the appropriate walking outfit. And if it’s not raining. Then you have a 10% chance of seeing me out there.
  3. Exercise Daily. I’m sorry, but didn’t we just cover that with walking? Besides, I lost my aquafit partner and I think I burned my bridges with my personal trainer when l stopped answering his phone calls.
  4. Get Out Of The House & Make Networking Lunches. I don’t know why, but the term “networking” somewhat irks me. It’s like someone using the word “dialoging” in place of “talking”. But I agree with this one, although I would say make a list of all the kick-ass business people you know and go have lunch or drinks with them. Go to their meet-ups with them or invite them to some new ones.
  5. Say “Hi” To People. This one is precious. One blogger was saying that you should make an effort to meet one new person every day. Say hi to people on the street, at the grocery store, etc. People in my ‘hood would start thinking of me as that crazy lady who just wants someone to talk to. Next stop, sixteen cats and a shot gun.
  6. Attend Networking Events. This is a good one. Provided you actually MAKE it to your networking event. I’ve had every intention to go to three meet-ups so far, but have been side-tracked by other events, the weather and Bucci waving a bottle of wine in my face.
  7. Celebrate Success, No Matter How Small. Well, that takes care of the guilt I had from skipping the meet-up for a bottle wine. (It was a celebration! Hooray for Monday!)
  8. Read a Book. It is nice to not be staring at the screen of computer for a while. I almost forgot about books.
  9. Learn Something New – Take a Class. I have not taken any classes, but I did MC my very first talent show last weekend. Does that count for learning something new?
  10. Eat Healthy. Salami on an everything bagel and drenched in mustard for breakfast isn’t so bad, is it?

Now that I’m taking a more in-depth look at this list, I am starting to think this guy was really stretching to reach a total of ten items. In order to streamline the process, I recommend combining two, three, four, five, six and ten. Take a brisk walk to a networking lunch event, where you eat healthy and say hi to people.

Speaking of networking events, take a look at and sign up for some groups that interest you. I love the idea of this –and hope to be making an appearance at one of my groups’ meet-ups very soon.


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